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Your AC unit gets all the credit when it comes to keeping you comfortable during Florida’s extreme temperatures. You may not see it, but your duct system deserves some credit when it comes to keeping you cool.

What is A Duct System?

Your duct system serves as the link between your HVAC unit and the interior of your home. Your unit is the heart that works to keep the cooling and heating process going, while the ducts in your home are the arteries and veins that transport air from the unit to the rooms that need it the most.

Your duct system has two roles: moving cooled or heated air to rooms in your home and then taking back air from rooms so it can be reheated or cooled. Your duct system can make or break the efficiency of your HVAC unit, so it’s best to keep an eye on it.

The Components

Your duct system has various components that make it easier for you to stay comfortable and your HVAC unit to do its job. The components include:

  • Ducts: The ducts themselves are built into the ceiling or walls of your home. They are typically made of sheet metal, galvanized steel, or lightweight aluminum. They serve as the passageway that air travels through.
  • Supply vent: These vents deposit heated or cooled air into rooms of your home, based on the setting you input on your thermostat.
  • Return vent: Return vents are responsible for taking in the air that isn’t helping you stay comfortable and bringing it back to your unit to be reheated or cooled again.
  • Dampers: These are used to control the airflow. If a room is at a temperature that the thermostat is set to, dampers will block air flow because the room doesn’t require any more hot or cold air. Once the room starts feeling different than the thermostat setting, dampers will open to supply more air. There are also fire or smoke dampers in your system that block airflow once smoke is detected, as to not infect any more areas of your home with smoke.
  • Handler: Finally, an air handler isn’t exactly located in your duct system, but it serves an important purpose. The handler is the brain of your duct system, instructing air when to start circulating.

Zoned Heating and Cooling

Duct systems can get an upgrade with zoned heating and cooling. This means that areas in your home can be broken up into separate “zones.” Each of these zones has a separate thermostat linked to it. Like in a traditional duct system, dampers open and close depending on the thermostat setting and the current temperature of your home.

Zoned heating and cooling takes this process a step further. Because thermostats are set for different areas, you can put more emphasis on rooms that need more attention. In rooms with large windows that seem hotter than the rest of your house, your duct system knows to keep the airflow going on a hot summer afternoon without freezing the rest of the home. This leads to more comfort, more energy efficient HVAC practices, and fewer arguments over the thermostat.

Importance of Ductwork

As you can see, your ductwork is extremely crucial to keeping you and your family comfortable, especially in extreme temperatures. Ducts can only serve you and your unit well if they are clear of any debris.


Air is circulated through your home thanks to your duct system. The easier it is for air to get from your unit to the rooms in your home, the better. Blocked ducts make it harder on your unit to do its job and it takes longer for the rooms in your home to get back to a comfortable level. Plus, blocked ducts make your unit noisy and you will soon be aware of the ducts above you as air tries to force its way through.

Maintaining Your Ductwork

We can all agree blocked ducts are bad, but how can you ensure that your ductwork is working for you and your unit? We’re here to help with ways to maintain your duct system.

Duct Cleaning

One of the best ways to maintain your ductwork is to have it professionally cleaned. Duct cleaning removes dust, pet hair, debris, and potential allergens from your ductwork. Not only does this help take the stress off your unit to get air into your home, but it also cuts down on the potential contaminants in your air. Your air is circulating through these ducts, so you want the air in your home to have a clean place to travel through.


Duct Sealing

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Another way to ensure that your duct system is working properly is to have it inspected. If your duct system is “leaking” or has exit points for air to escape from, it can drive up your energy bills and cause your unit to work harder than it should.

One of our trained technicians will happily inspect your duct system and measure airflow to determine if you are a good candidate for duct sealing. If there are points where the air is escaping, we will seal the hole to prevent any more air loss.

HVAC Maintenance and Duct Cleaning with Crystal Air & Water

Ductwork may not get all the glory that your unit does, but it has a crucial role in HVAC efficiency and comfort in your home. Take care of your duct system by getting it inspected to make sure it’s working as it should. If it’s not your ductwork that seems to be giving you trouble, we’re happy to take a look at your unit. Contact us today to schedule a service to maintain or repair any aspect of your HVAC system.

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