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With the increasing trend of “smart” homes, it’s no surprise that a whole new wave of thermostat technology has hit the market recently. If you are looking to upgrade your traditional thermostat, check out the top three new thermostat technologies highlighted below!

Three New Thermostats in 2018

Things like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home have made our homes more tech savvy than we could have ever imagined. Within the past few years, we’ve seen our homes become more like Disney’s “Smart House” than ever before! This technology has made our lives easier and now our air conditioning can be added to the ever growing list of ease.


ecobee 4

courtesy of ecobee

The ecobee4 is the newest thermostat from ecobee. They currently offer other thermostats, but this is the first from ecobee to have voice recognition technology. The ecobee4 includes Amazon’s Alexa, so you can do so much more than just adjust the temperature by asking it to. You can order items, set reminders, and even ask the ecobee4 to set a timer while you are cooking.

Mobile App

The ecobee4 can be also be controlled using a mobile app, so even if you are not home, you can still monitor the temperature of your home. You can create an event on the app when you are on vacation. The ecobee4 can alert you if anything is wrong with your system while you are away. This app is available on Apple products as well as Android products.

Room Sensors

Ecobee also offers room sensors that can be paired with the thermostat to ensure that the rooms you are occupying are most comfortable. The sensors pick up on movement and ensure that the rooms with movement are getting the most attention. The unoccupied rooms will receive less attention and ultimately save you money and reduce energy consumption.


There are many benefits of the ecobee4, especially if you already use Amazon’s Alexa in your daily routine. Other benefits include:

  • Maintaining correct levels of humidity in your home
  • Monthly energy reports
  • Constant monitoring of your equipment
  • ENERGY STAR Certified

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen

Nest Learning Thermostat

courtesy of Nest

Nest recently released their 3rd version of the Learning Thermostat. This was the first thermostat to be ENERGY STAR certified and encourages homeowners to save energy. This is a simple to install thermostat and can be controlled with your Google Home.


The Nest Learning Thermostat is constantly learning, hence the name. It adjusts based on you and your family’s schedules. Not only does it adjust based on your schedule, but it also considers the season you are in. Nest states that it only takes one week for the thermostat to learn your routine.

Nest Temperature Sensor

Like other new thermostats, you can add sensors in rooms. The Learning Thermostat can start building data to provide the most comfortable environment without you even having to touch the thermostat. It can even switch to Eco Temperature mode to save energy after it senses no one is home.


The Learning Thermostat is a great option for those who rely on a schedule and don’t want to manually adjust the temperature. Other benefits include:

  • Earn a “leaf” every time you make an energy saving decision with your thermostat
  • Sends alerts with energy saving tips and when there is something out of the ordinary
  • Comes in four colors to match any home’s decor
  • Screen lights up when you approach it


GLAS thermostat

courtesy of Johnson Controls

The last new thermostat is a product of Johnson Controls and includes Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana. The thermostat is called GLAS. This thermostat doesn’t look like any traditional thermostat, nor does it even resemble the other two thermostats mentioned before. It offers a translucent and touchscreen display to create a new breed of thermostats.

Air Quality

One of the biggest selling points of the GLAS thermostat is its ability to monitor air quality constantly. Not only does it monitor the internal air quality of your home, GLAS also monitors the quality of the outdoors. This is important if you or your family has allergies.

Mobile App

GLAS has a mobile app that gives even more insight your home’s energy usage. It generates monthly reports to keep you aware of how much you are saving and how much you could be saving. You can control the GLAS from your phone through the app.


GLAS’s emphasis on air quality and energy saving make it a great choice for environmentally conscious homeowners. Other benefits of GLAS include:

  • Translucent screen allows for it to match any room
  • Smart scheduling with Cortana
  • Easy to read display
  • Constantly adapting to your schedule when you are home, away, and asleep

Air Conditioning with Crystal Air & Water

These new thermostats are amazing and offer many different benefits. But, a thermostat is only as good as the air conditioner it is controlling. Make sure your air conditioner is running properly to ensure you are getting the most out of your new smart thermostat. At Crystal Air & Water, our specialists are trained to examine your AC unit and decide if you need a repair. Contact us today if you think your AC unit might be acting up!

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