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Just as soon as winter started, it’s over and North Central Florida experiences a shift to higher temperatures. Spring means more than just warm weather. When you get ready to start on your spring cleaning to-do list, don’t forget about your HVAC system!

Spring Means Cleaning

You’ve probably already come up with your spring cleaning to-do list for yourself, but have you considered making one for your HVAC system? Preventative measures can save you money on your energy bills and drastically reduce the need for repairs in the future. Temperatures are mild in the spring, but that brings the promise of extremely hot temperatures soon. It’s better to get your unit prepared during this calm season than to wait for your unit to experience problems in the middle of June!

Six Ways to Spring Clean Your HVAC System

If you are wondering where to start when it comes to cleaning your HVAC system, don’t worry! We’re here to offer helpful ways to get your HVAC unit prepared during spring.

Clear Area and Debris Around Your Unit

The flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping, meaning the area surrounding your HVAC unit has probably grown up. You want to make sure that you trim back bushes and remove anything surrounding your unit because they can compromise the airflow to your unit. Blocked airflow will cause your unit to work harder. It also won’t have access to enough air to cool, making the transfer process harder and take longer. Take a weekend to check your unit and clear away any debris that could harm your unit.

Schedule An AC Tune-Up

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One of the most important things you can do for your unit is to schedule an AC tune-up. It’s like having a routine check-up at the dentist or going to the doctor. One of our trained technicians will happily inspect your unit to determine its health, clean intricate parts of your unit, and make recommendations. By taking the time to have your unit tuned up, you can rest easy knowing that your unit is going to keep you and your family cool even on the hottest of days!

Have Your Ducts Inspected

While you are cleaning out your home, it’s a good idea to keep your ductwork in mind. Your ducts may be holding much more than you could imagine. Having one of our technicians inspect your ducts to determine if they need to be cleaned is a great idea. If you are a good candidate for duct cleaning, we are happy to take care of the process.

Blocked ducts make it harder for air to circulate and can make the air in your home full of dust or debris. Cleaning your ducts will let your unit work more efficiently and save you money.

Change Your Air Filters

First off, you should already be changing your air filters regularly. If you’re not, please stop reading this blog, go change your filter, and then come back. Changing your filter is especially crucial in the spring. With all this new growth, pollen is plaguing North Central Florida. If you or a family member suffers from seasonal allergies or breathing problems, it’s crucial to change your filters more regularly in the spring. You don’t want allergens or aggravators to make you or a loved one uncomfortable in your home. Clean filters promote better air quality and more efficient use of your system.

Make Sure You’re Giving Your Unit Its Best Chance

Spring is a great time to evaluate your home to make sure you aren’t accidentally causing your unit strife. Are your windows closing properly? Windows that don’t close all the way could be the reason for uneven heating and cooling meaning higher energy bills.

You should also make sure you are closing blinds to cool down rooms when you aren’t home. You unit already has a hard enough job, so make sure you are lending a helping hand where you can!

Clean Vents In Your Home

Finally, you should do a visual inspection of all the vents in your home. Does it appear clean or is their build-up on the vent? Blocked vents restrict air flow and therefore, cause your unit to work way harder than it should have to! You can vacuum, dust, or just wipe off the front of your vents to make sure that air can easily circulate throughout your home. Also, ensuring that all your vents aren’t obstructed by furniture will help air circulation!

HVAC Maintenance with Crystal Air & Water

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You can help your unit and your HVAC system by keeping both in mind during spring cleaning season. For even more certainty, contact Crystal & Water to help your spring cleaning to-do list. We may not be able to help you clean out your closet, but we can definitely handle preparing your unit to work for you and not against you. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or sign up for our maintenance plan!

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