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Your home is your sanctuary and a place where you unwind after a long day. The quality of the air affects how comfortable you are and how easily you can breathe. Your HVAC system is in charge for making sure that the temperature in your home is to your liking and keeping humidity under control.

But what about those pesky air pollutants that find their way into your home? Thankfully, your HVAC system filters out dirt, dust, and other potential allergens automatically. For those who require a little extra attention when it comes to air quality, whether it be due to respiratory problems or having pets in your home, you have the option to install an air cleaner in your home.

What is a Whole Home Air Cleaner?

There are quite a number of air cleaners available to purchase. You can purchase a portable air cleaner or add a whole home air cleaner that attaches to your HVAC system. The whole home air cleaner is built into the return ducts located in your home’s duct system. Unlike the portable air cleaner, it easily takes care of your whole home’s air quality, not just select areas of your home.

Whole home air cleaners can be installed into new homes or retrofitted to your current HVAC system, allowing for flexibility in any home.

Benefits of a Whole Home Air Cleaner

While your HVAC system is designed to capture pollutants in its filter automatically, you may need extra protection, especially when there are family members with breathing problems. You can give your HVAC system a break by adding a whole home air cleaner to better handle the quality of your home’s air.

Removal Instead of Redistribution

Air pollutants, such as dust, pollen, or pet hair, can get caught in drafts created by your air conditioning or your ceiling fans. Instead of floating around your home or worse, being breathed in by you or a family member, a whole home cleaner will capture the pollutant before it has the chance to go anywhere else. A whole home air cleaner will remove the pollutant and won’t just spit it back out for redistribution. It will end the pollution cycle.

Ideal for Homeowners that Have Respiratory/Allergy Concerns

It’s important that your home’s air quality is nearly perfect for your family, but it’s essential if you or a loved one battles with respiratory or allergy issues. You should be able to breathe easy in your home without the fear of being uncomfortable. A whole home air cleaner makes it easier on those with asthma or allergy problems because the chance of them encountering an airborne pollutant is significantly decreased.

Everyday activities can produce potential allergens such as:

  • Mildew
  • Lint
  • Fungus
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Pet dander
  • Hair
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Bacteria

Some pollutants can’t be avoided, that’s why a whole home air cleaner can reverse the effects everyday life has on your home’s air quality.

TRANE CleanEffects™

At Crystal Air & Water, we are TRANE certified and offer the installation of a TRANE CleanEffects™ air cleaner. These air cleaners are retrofitted to your HVAC system and remove 99.98% of airborne allergens. They can also remove pollutants as small as 1/1000th of the diameter of a human hair.

Pressure Drop

In some air cleaners, there is a process that can occur called “pressure drop.” Pressure drop is when an air cleaner has fewer pores to ensure that more pollutants can be trapped, but it doesn’t allow for clean air to pass through as easily. If this occurs, you not only risk the comfort of your home’s temperature, but you also reduce the amount of air that can be cleaned. A pressure drop leads to a less efficient use of both your whole home cleaner and your HVAC system.

With a TRANE CleanEffects™ air cleaner, it offers a low-pressure drop meaning that it allows for the most air to be cleaned by volume without sacrificing comfort or air quality.


The CleanEffects™ air cleaner offers so many benefits compared to other whole home air cleaners. These include:

  • No need to replace filters: You only need to vacuum or rinse the filters every 3-9 months, as needed.
  • Peace of mind: You can breathe easier (and cleaner) knowing that your home contains the cleanest air it could possibly have. This is essential for family members that could have an allergy or respiratory issues.
  • Asthma and allergy friendly
  • Quiet: a TRANE CleanEffects whole home air cleaner is virtually noiseless.

Indoor Air Quality with Crystal Air & Water

Indoor air quality is important to you which means it’s extremely important to us. At Crystal Air & Water, we offer even more indoor air quality services to make sure you have the cleanest air possible in your home. When you don’t have to worry about your home’s air quality, you can focus on things that mean the most to you. To schedule an air quality service, contact us today!

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