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These Gainesville, FL summer temperatures and humidity can take a toll on your AC unit. Many homeowners across the state are ignoring red flags that can not only cause further, more costly damage to your home, but in some cases, your health!

We’re here to help warn you of some common signs that your AC is not working properly. If you notice any of these signs, contact our team right away to avoid additional repairs.

A Build Up of Moisture

While all AC units create some moisture, pools of water around your unit is a huge red flag. Built up moisture could be a sign of a couple things including:

  • Your air filter is dirty. When your filter gets too dirty, ice can build up on the evaporator coils because the dirt is restricting airflow. When the ice melts, it creates a puddle next to your unit.
  • Your unit is leaking refrigerant. This can cause serious health risks to you and your family and need to be repaired ASAP. Call our team of experts immediately if you think this is the case.

The AC Shuts Off Before Cooling Your Home

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A common problem that we hear from homeowners is that their AC will turn off before the house is completely cool. This is called short cycling and can be caused by a few different things including:

  • A dirty air filter. Ah yes, that darn air filter again! Dirty air filters can restrict airflow and therefore, lead to frozen evaporator coils (as mentioned above). This can cause the unit to turn on and off in short bursts of time. If this is the case, all you need to do is change the air filter and see if the problem continues.
  • Thermostat placement. Your thermostat is responsible for detecting what your home temperature is. So, if it happens to be near a window or next to a fan/vent, it may think the temperature in your home is warmer/colder than it actually is! The best and easiest thing to do in this scenario is to find a more centralized location for your thermostat. Your local AC expert can assist.
  • Your Unit is Too Big for Your Home. Another common mistake we see made in homes is an excessively large unit in proportion to the home it resides in. When your AC unit is too large for your home, it cools your home rapidly, causing it to turn on and off often. If you’ve been experiencing this problem since the unit was installed or for as long as you can remember, this is most likely the cause of the issue.

Energy Bills Are Unusually High

If you notice your energy bills continuing to increase with the same usage, this could be a sign that there is something wrong with your AC unit.

Often times, we find that homeowners are not having a problem cooling down their home, yet they notice their energy bills going through the roof. This is often because they don’t have an efficient AC unit. Upgrades to your equipment can save you a lot of energy and money down the line.

You’re Hearing Some Strange Noises

If you’re hearing strange squealing or banging sounds from your unit, it could be that you need an AC replacement. Many homeowners overlook this as a normal symptom of an aging unit. However, all AC units should run at a barely noticeable sound level. Here are some of the most common sounds and their causes:

  • Squealing: This normally has something to do with the fan belt, usually it being misaligned or worn down.
  • Banging: Usually the result of a loose or broken part inside of the AC unit.
  • Gurgling: This is usually related to the condensate drain line, or your AC may have a refrigerant leak.
  • Clicking: Continuous clicking could be a sign of an electrical problem.
  • Chatter or Rattling: Many times this is the results of debris like sticks or leaves in the unit. This could also be due to other things like a loose fan, or other loose and deteriorating parts.

There are many reasons for any of these sounds. If any strange noises are coming from your AC unit, contact the Crystal Air and Water team ASAP to avoid costly damages.
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Bad Smells Coming From Your Unit

Foul smells are never a good sign for anything, including your AC unit. Musty smells coming from your ductwork or unit are a credible sign of mold, which is very common in Florida due to the rain and humidity we experience here.

If you’re experiencing a burning odor, it could be a sign of a serious mechanical issue. This is a hazardous problem and should be addressed immediately. Other hazardous scents coming from your AC that you should be aware of include rotten eggs scent, which could be a sign of a natural gas leak, and sewage which is a sign that there may be a backed up sewage line near your ductwork.

If you’re smelling any of those scents or something else suspicious, contact our team for an inspection and to resolve the matter.

The Best Way to Prevent AC Problems

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The absolute best way to prevent AC repairs and problems is regular AC maintenance. We’ve had customers that have AC units for 20+ years and are running wonderfully. If you take good care of your unit, it will take care of you.

Call us today at (352) 333-0460 to schedule your AC service or learn more about our AC Maintenance Plan.

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