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Installing the right air conditioner is critical to maximizing energy efficiency. Knowing the type of air conditioner for your specific needs can be difficult, and varies based on different factors.

At Crystal Air & Water, we focus on inspecting your home’s entirety and asking about your specific needs so we can install the best unit for your home or office. Whether you have 800 square feet or 8,000, our team of HVAC professionals are committed to your needs. Contact us today for an installation consultation.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner System

A split air conditioner has a set of two units, one indoor and one outdoor.  The outdoor unit acts as the compressor and has condenser and expansion valves. The indoor unit is mounted on a wall in your home and has a cooling coil and fan.

This type of AC system does not require making a large slot in the wall, meaning the aesthetic value and structural integrity of your walls remain intact. The advantage of a split air conditioner is that a single system can be used to cool more than one room at the same time.

Central Air Conditioning System

Central AC Systems are used in homes, offices, hotels, factories, large institutions and other large buildings where many rooms require cooling at the same time. It is suitable for places where a cost effective air conditioning solution is needed to cool multiple rooms.

This type of system has a large outdoor air compressor unit which sits outside the house, or on the roof. The cool air is dispersed inside rooms through duct work that runs through the walls. A control system lets the user control which room is cooled at a time.

AC Replacement

Uncomfortable heat isn’t the only side effect of a broken AC unit. Over time mold, bacteria and other toxins can build up in the ducts of an old AC unit. These toxins spread through the air every time the unit turns on and can irritate allergies and, in some cases, make people and pets sick.

A newer unit can be more energy efficient, reducing carbon footprint and energy cost. Due to the efficiency of newer units, replacing a unit can end up costing less than using the older one.


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