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Your unit and your home’s ceiling fans are a match made in heaven. Ceiling fans help your unit work less, but still keep you and your family feeling cool and comfortable. Turning on the ceiling fan can end up saving you money and even reduce energy consumption.

Work Better Together

Just like peanut butter and jelly, your unit and your ceiling fans are better together. Ceiling fans are created to move air around the house, which in turn, can help your unit in the long run. By creating a draft, your ceiling fans keep the air in your home moving and cause a chilling effect on your skin. This means you can actually set the temperature four degrees higher in the summer months, but it still feels the same.

Benefits of Using Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling fans do a lot of good for you and your HVAC system. With the high temperatures in Florida, you need all the help you can get!

Save Money

The biggest benefit of using a ceiling fan is that it saves you money. You won’t be overworking your unit, causing it to not need costly repairs as often. This can even extend the life of your AC unit. And because you can set the thermostat higher, you save money on your cooling bills!

Reduce Energy

Did you know your AC unit is the biggest guzzler of electricity in your home? Ceiling fans require drastically less energy to operate. You can reduce energy consumption by turning on the fan and not having your AC unit eat up as much of the energy.

Improve Air Quality

Breathe easier knowing your ceiling fans are helping improve the air quality in your home. They work to reduce humidity in your home, meaning that they prevent mold growth. Less humidity means better air and less chance of allergens and potential contaminants from taking shelter in your home.

Works Year-Round

You thought ceiling fans are only a seasonal thing? Think again! Ceiling fans can be used in the colder months to promote even distribution of heat throughout your home. All you have to do is change the direction of your fan blades to rotate clockwise. This change in direction causes warm air to be forced down. So keep warm and cozy with your ceiling fan.

How to Use Properly

We’ll let you in on a secret. Ceiling fans only work for you if you do it correctly. First off, you should make sure that in the hot months, your ceiling fan is rotating counterclockwise. This makes sure that the cool air being pumped into rooms is being blown downward to cool you.

You should also only run ceiling fans in the rooms that are being occupied. Leaving the fan on when you aren’t home wastes energy and doesn’t help. Think of your ceiling fan as an AC booster. It doesn’t necessarily cool the air (that’s your unit’s job), but it does create a chilling effect that you experience. This keeps you comfortable at a higher temperature.

Air Conditioning with Crystal Air & Water Inc.

Your ceiling fan does a whole lot of good when paired with your AC unit. Air conditioning is essential in keeping you and your family comfortable for a good majority of the year. If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning, don’t sweat! Turn on the ceiling fan and give Crystal Air a call today! Our team of trained technicians can install, repair, and maintain your air conditioning system to keep you cool all year long.

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