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You’ve found yourself in a terrible situation: no air conditioning while the Florida heat threatens to enter your home. While you wait until one of our technicians can fix the problem, you’ll need to manage your comfort.

My AC Stopped Working, Now What?

First off, don’t panic! Your AC unit may be acting up, but at Crystal Air & Water, we’re here to make it go right. Until your unit can be repaired and the problem corrected, follow these tips to manage your comfort levels while help is on the way!

Call Us for Emergency Service!

Before you do anything, give us a call! The quicker that we are notified there is a problem, the quicker we can get to you to reverse the issue. When your unit gives out or you notice the heat creeping in, call us!

Throw Some Shade (No Seriously, Keep It Dark)

You’ll want to minimize the sunlight and direct heat that can make its way into your home. Be sure to close the blinds and curtains around your home. If you can, turn off lights within your home as lightbulbs generate heat. Use flashlights or minimize your movements. This is a great excuse just to chill in a dark room.

Try to Keep the Cool Air In

Any cool air that your unit managed to crank out before it called it quits is the air that you’ll want to keep inside. Make sure to seal all areas where air could escape. It’s a good idea to place rugs and blankets along the bottom of doors. If you happen to have a pet door, make sure to first secure your pets in the house, and then put towels or a blanket against the flap. Every little bit of cool air counts!

Drink Plenty of Fluids

water being poured into a glass

Drinking plenty of water won’t make your unit magically work again, but it will help to offset the uncomfortable effects of the heat. Drinking water will help to regulate your body temperature, making you a bit more comfortable, given the circumstances. You want to be hydrated, especially if your AC decided to go out in the middle of a Florida summer.

Turn on Your Ceiling Fans

When ceiling fans run clockwise, it pushes warm air down. In the summer you want the air to be pushed up so the air underneath is cooler. Turning on your ceiling fans throughout your home will help to offset some of the stuffy air that will generate while your AC is out.

Don’t Use Hot Appliances

In the event of no air conditioning, don’t be tempted to turn on the oven or stove to cook. This will just bring more heat into the house, which is the last thing you need! You can always use the microwave or rice cooker as an alternative if your AC goes out during dinnertime. If you feel too hot to even think about preparing food you could always order a take-out. After all, you’re having a hard day so you deserve a break.

You should also avoid running any other hot appliances like the washer or dryer. If you are in the middle of a load, simply pause the cycle until one of our technicians can get you back to normal. We are giving you a free pass to neglect your chores while your air conditioning is out.

Use Damp Towels to Alleviate Heat

For almost immediate relief, wet hand towels and drape them on your neck or forehead. The cold water will give you a quick chill that is sure to help your hot environment. It’s a good idea to sit and rest with these damp towels to maximize comfort and minimize creating any more heat.

Don’t Sweat It! We’ve Got Your Back

air conditioning technicians

When it comes to AC repair, Crystal Air & Water is more than ready to serve you in your time of need. With emergency service and knowledgeable technicians, we work to get you back to normal as soon as possible. We don’t just offer a quick fix. Our team works to correct the solution so you don’t have to endure another moment without air conditioning.


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