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Air Conditioning

Temperatures in beautiful Gainesville, Florida can get pretty high. That’s why it’s crucial to have air conditioning systems that work perfectly. Crystal Air & Water offers top-tier air conditioning repair service by licensed air conditioning technicians, in and around the Gainesville area.

AC Installation

At Crystal Air & Water, we focus on inspecting your home’s entirety and asking about your specific needs so we can install the best unit for your home or office.

AC Installation

AC Repair

Our team of repair experts has the right training and experience to repair any make and model of HVAC or air conditioner unit.

AC Repair

AC Maintenance

Crystal Air & Water will be able to provide the much needed maintenance your cooling system needs in order to deliver reliable cooling regardless of the temperatures outside.

AC Maintenance

Ductless AC

On average, a customer with an Energy Star rated mini-split system can save close to 30% on his or her energy bills.

Ductless AC

Common Signs of Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning problems can manifest themselves in many different ways.

If something isn’t working properly with your AC, you may begin receiving energy bills that are outrageously high, seemingly out of nowhere. Your home may start feeling unusually uncomfortable, as well. One room may feel too cold, while another may feel too hot.

If your air conditioning unit’s performance seems a little unbalanced, that generally signifies the need for professional AC repair work. Other tell-tale indications of air conditioning system problems include:

  • Inadequate airflow
  • Grinding noises
  • Leakage by the unit
  • Bad odors

Be Cool and Save your Cooling Dollars

High energy bills are frustrating. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice basic comfort for fear of your next bill.

Crystal Air & Water can make your home dramatically more comfortable and energy-efficient all year round.

If your air conditioner or heat pump is more than twelve years old, consider installing a replacement. As your cooling system ages, it cools less and runs longer, which means that it loses energy efficiency and costs you more money to keep the temperatures of your home where you want them. A new air conditioning unit can reduce your energy bills and keep you icy cold this summer.

We have units with efficiency ratings from 13 to 20 SEER. Crystal Air & Water services all leading air conditioning and heating brands. We are licensed installers for Trane, DaikinYorkMitsubishi, and Goodman, to name a few, and we have worked all throughout Gainesville, FL and the surrounding areas.

Humidity Control for Florida Homes

Controlling humidity in Florida’s climate can be difficult. Humidity affect more than comfort and energy consumption: it also affects your health.

Mold and mildew thrive in a humid environment and can aggravate allergies and arthritic conditions.

Advancements in technology have now provided us with equipment that greatly enhances humidity removal. The latest humidity control instruments can remove up to four times more humidity than a conventional system.

Crystal Air & Water technicians understand how the right humidity level in your home can increase comfort and decrease heating and cooling bills. We are trained to properly install humidity control equipment and to instruct homeowners on how to most beneficially operate this equipment.

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