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It may seem like Florida is exempt from winter compared to the rest of the United States, but you may find yourselves needing to turn up the heat during the colder months. In North Central Florida, we see temperatures as low as 20 degrees! But, before you crank up the heat in your home, consider making small changes that will save you money. We promise, your wallet will thank you!

Fact: Florida Does Experience Winter

We may not have a “white Christmas” or shovel snow in our front yard, but Florida still has a brief winter. We may not feel it quite as harshly as our Northern neighbors, but we still bust out the blankets, scarves, and boots in January and February! (Ok, so we have thin skin, so what!?)

Your first instinct may be to crank the heat up to offset the chilly temperatures, but we have 8 other ways to make sure that your home or office is heated while staying within budget.

Eight Ways to Save on Heating Costs this Winter

Insulate Your Attic

Your home should be engineered to keep the warm air produced by your HVAC system in your home. But sometimes, this air escapes. Your attic is one of the biggest culprits to air loss. Making sure that your attic is insulated properly will ensure that warm air stays in your home and doesn’t escape through your attic.

Practice Routine AC Maintenance

Routine heater maintenance will save you from having a broken or unusable unit during the coldest of nights. It will also ensure that your HVAC system is working efficiently, with little to no obstacles preventing warm air from coming out of your HVAC and heating your spaces.

To give your heater its best chance at sticking around, we highly encourage you to clean your filters routinely and make sure that your ducts are clean. Blocked air ducts make it harder for warm air to circulate in your home, causing your HVAC to overwork itself. This leads to increased heating costs and increases your risk of needing a repair!

Use Your Thermostat Wisely

Your thermostat can be your best friend or your worst enemy during the cold months. Using your thermostat correctly will provide comfort as well as save you money. Make sure that your thermostat is set to “auto” so that your HVAC system’s fans are not constantly running and driving up your energy costs.

Some helpful reminders when it comes to setting your temperature in the winter:

  • 70 degrees is a safe temperature to set during the day.
  • Set your thermostat at 65 degrees while you sleep.
  • Never set your thermostat below 55 degrees.

Important note: If you are currently setting your thermostat at a high temperature, don’t immediately turn it to a colder temperature because it will end up doing more harm than good. Gradually scale down or increase the setting when altering the temperatures. You want to avoid igniting the heat strip, which immediately produces warm air. This is not harmful to your comfort, but more harmful to your wallet due to the energy it takes to create the warm air immediately.

Seal Doors, Windows, and Your Ducts

We’ve already discussed reducing air loss from an uninsulated attic, but there could be other pain points lurking in your home’s design. Making sure that your doors and windows are properly sealed will reduce the chance that warm air will escape into the cold outside.

We also recommend sealing your ducts if there are air leaks. You don’t want to be running your HVAC constantly with air loss happening right above you! An inspection from one of our technicians will determine the health of your ducts and see if your ducts are in need of some TLC.

Close Fireplace Damper

Okay, that statement might be a little misleading. If you are using your fireplace, keep your damper OPEN. No seriously, please do! However, when you do not have a fire going, your damper should be closed to keep cold outside air from coming in.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

You read that right. Your ceiling fans will seriously help you in the winter months, contrary to popular belief. Switching the blade rotation from counterclockwise to clockwise will change the way your ceiling moves air. Clockwise motion in the winter forces the warm air down and keeps it trapped there.

Only Heat Rooms You Use

If you have a mini-split ductless system or zoned heating, you can reduce your costs by only heating the rooms you actually use. You can save money and only heat the rooms you’ll actually be using. Just remember to shut the door to prevent wasted warm air on spaces that don’t need it.

Get an Inspection

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Know the health of your HVAC system before the coldest day of the year hits. You don’t want to be stuck in the cold with a problematic unit. Being proactive and getting an inspection from one of our technicians will save you money and from stress in the future. Preventative maintenance is a proactive way to save money and spot issues before they escalate into costly problems.

Heating Services with Crystal Air & Water

Whether you need a heating inspection, installation, or repair, Crystal Air & Water is ready to keep you and your family warm through the brief, but still ever present, Florida winter. Contact us today to schedule a service with Crystal Air & Water!

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