Crystal Air conditioning & Heating Reviews

Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating Reviews

Ethel P.

“Hi Janean, Would your please let Kirk know that Lou, Ryan and Jack were very helpful with the installations of my Air Conditioner. They were very professional and efficient. Thanks for all your help was well and to Kirk for getting me such a quick estimate initially.”

Mary G.

“Thanks to everyone at Crystal Air who helped me get my new air conditioner. This was a challenge for me since I know nothing about AC and Keith was out of town. Special thanks to Christine for her advice and help. Thanks to Kirk, and I will pass this on to Keith! Also Sam and Eric were very nice and did an excellent job, also Lance, Kevin and Dean. Thanks so much.”

M. K.

“Many Thanks! I appreciate you checking with warranty and waiting for payment. The technician Mr. Williams was very competent and knowledgeable along with being very nice.”

John W.

“I would like to extend my thanks to the GRU Leep Program and all within that department for making it possible to dramatically improve my quality of life. Your department was sensitive to my lower economic needs and acted in a giving and approachable manner with me. Further, I would also like to extend my thanks to Crystal Water and Air for conducting a thorough and professional response to my needs. I did not desire to start this New Year without realizing the blessing of the last year in being helped with a very necessary asset for survival and thanking GRU Leep. If ever you might need a spokesperson for this program I am at your service. I will send a copy of this correspondence to Crystal Water and Air respectfully”

Myra M.

“I would like to say ‘thank you’ for the repairs done at my mother’s home in Gainesville, you went above and beyond my expectations, not only fixing what was done incorrectly, but also making it even better than before. I will be glad to recommend your company. Again I would just like to say ‘Thank You.’”

Mr. and Ms. Pasztor

“We would like to tell you that we are very satisfied with the service your company provided us today.   We will be recommending your company to our neighbors and friends. Ronnie Murphy, your serviceman,provided excellent, caring, and thorough service. He was very courteous and explained to us clearly what he was doing. We think he is a real asset to your company.”