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Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Starke, FL

Starke, FL offers a picturesque town located between Gainesville and Jacksonville. Rich in history, Starke is just as rich in hot temperatures and weather than can change at any minute. Despite the unpredictability, Crystal Air & Water has got your back to solve any and every HVAC problem.

Don’t Wait For AC Repair

Emergencies can happen any time of the day and you shouldn’t have to suffer until morning. At Crystal Air & Water, we are happy to offer 24/7 emergency service to get you and your family back to normal as quickly as possible.

Our team of trained technicians don’t just offer a quick solution. We pride ourselves in responsiveness, but also quality of service. Our repairs are done to ensure that your unit’s life is extended and the chances of it happening again diminish.

Get In the Zone with Zoned HVAC Solutions

If you and your family can never decide on a temperature, then zoned heating and cooling might just be the remedy. Crystal Air & Water is happy to install a zoned system into your home that allows you to set different temperatures for different areas in your home. Though we can’t help with the argument over the TV remote, we can ensure that all of your family is happy and comfortable.

“I can confidently say that these guys are some of the best ever. Fast professional service with very easy to understand explanations.” – P. Lytle

HVAC That Works for You & Your Business

We make sure your home is comfortable, but we also want your office or business to be just as comfortable. Your employees and customers will thank you, we promise. Crystal Air & Water offers commercial heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. Your focus should be on operating your business, not if your HVAC system is working. Leave that to us!

Crystal Air & Water Wants to Keep Starke Cool

Despite the hot temperatures that linger in North Central Florida almost year-round, Crystal Air & Water is happy to help with any HVAC concern. Our team of trained technicians is ready to serve Starke residents because every customer is like family to us.

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