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There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they need to answer a very important question: do I need to repair or replace my air conditioning unit?

Replace or Repair?

If your AC unit is acting up, you need to decide whether you just need a repair or if you should replace it. A quick fix should be a good indicator that you just need to repair your unit without purchasing a new one. But if your old unit constantly needs repairs, it’s time to consider a new AC unit.

Reasons to Replace Your AC Unit

So maybe you are leaning towards replacing your AC unit. Here are some ways to know when you should ditch your old AC unit and install a new one.

20 Years or Older

The typical lifespan of an AC unit is about 15 to 20 years. If your AC unit is over 20 years old, it’s definitely time for a new unit. If your unit is approaching the 15 year mark, consider being proactive about looking for a new AC unit.

If you’ve taken care of your unit with preventative maintenance, your unit may serve you well for closer to 20 years! If not, repairs are going to pile up earlier in its life.

Energy Bills are Increasing

Have you noticed a sudden peak in your energy bills? This could be traced to your AC unit not operating properly and causing you more harm than good. If after multiple repairs your energy bills are still on the rise, then it’s probably time for a new unit.

Repair Costs and Frequency

When deciding if you need a new AC unit, consider how much you are spending on repairs. In addition to how much repair costs, consider how often these repairs are happening. It’s smarter to invest in a new AC unit than to continue throwing your funds into constant repairs.

Uses R-22 Refrigerant

If your AC unit uses R-22, a type of freon, you definitely need to purchase a new AC unit. R22 is a refrigerant that older manufactured air conditioning and refrigerators use. The United States has implemented a ban on R-22 refrigerant starting January 1st, 2020 due to its harmful effects on the Earth’s ozone layer. This means if your AC unit requires R-22 to operate, you won’t be able to purchase it and your unit will become obsolete.

Trust us, you don’t want to end up with AC that suddenly can’t run because of R-22 – especially in the Florida summer!


Just like you would notice something is wrong with your car, hearing strange noises come from your AC unit might be a sign that you should invest in a new unit. Noises are typically traced to malfunctioning within the unit. If you are tired of paying for repairs, then it’s probably time to upgrade.

Benefits of a New AC Unit

Not only will you be getting rid of a faulty unit, installing a new AC unit gives you peace of mind. Newer AC units are energy-efficient, reduce your carbon footprint, and save you money. Installing a new unit can ultimately cost you less than maintaining your old one.

AC Unit Installation with Crystal Air & Water

new ac unit

If your unit falls under one – or more! – of the five categories in this article, then it’s time for a new AC unit. Look to Crystal Air & Water for all your AC installation needs. We pride ourselves in being Gainesville’s top choice in HVAC companies.

We’ll never try to sell you a new unit if you don’t need one! Our technicians will help you determine if your needs warrant a repair, preventative maintenance, or if it’s time for a new unit. Contact us to schedule an appointment and we will find the right fit for you and your home’s needs.

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