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HVAC Services in Gainesville, FL

Gainesville is commonly referred to as “the Swamp,” and that’s a pretty good indication of the weather here. In the summer, residents deal with hot and humid weather coupled with pop-up thunderstorms. During football season, when thousands flock to this city, there’s no telling what kind of weather to expect.

Though Gainesville’s weather is unpredictable, Crystal Air & Water can help you feel comfortable, no matter the temperature!


Air Conditioning

Florida is known for its heat it seems year-round, but don’t let the high temperatures get you down. Our team of trained technicians can detect air conditioning problems, make repairs, and regularly maintain your unit with preventative maintenance. We also offer ductless mini-splits that can save you money and be a solution for many newer homes or additions.


Though we experience a hot and humid climate in Gainesville, winters can have temperatures as low as 20 degrees! To keep you and your family warm and comfortable during the cooler months, Crystal Air & Water has a range of heating services including installation, repair, and maintenance.

HVAC services in Gainesville

Indoor Air Quality

You can rest easy if you know that the air in your home is keeping your family happy and healthy. Indoor air quality is one of our main concerns with your HVAC system. We offer a wide range of services to monitor and improve the quality of your home. We offer duct cleaning, humidity control, air cleaning, zoned heating and cooling, and carbon monoxide detection.

Commercial Services

If you are looking to heat and cool your business or office, Crystal Air & Water is happy to help! Not only do we offer commercial heating and cooling services, we also offer commercial refrigeration. Trust us to keep those working in your office or business comfortable. Just like with residential heating and cooling, our trained technicians are ready to install, maintain, and repair your commercial HVAC system.


If you are looking to build or expand your home or business, trust Crystal Air & Water to carry out designing and installing your customized HVAC system with our design-build services. We focus on what you want out of your new system and we design a system specifically catered to you. We are there with you from conception to implementation of your system.

The Crystal Air Family

Here at Crystal Air & Water, you’re not a customer, you’re family. We’re not comfortable until you are. That’s why we take the time to make sure every part of your HVAC system is working properly and efficiently. We also have a 24/7 emergency telephone number that you can call to get your problems fixed and needs met at any time!

“Crystal Air and Water installed a new Heating and A/C system in our home a couple of years ago. Their work was done professionally and our monthly GRU bills have been reduced significantly. We recommend them to our friends.” – Greg Y.

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If you are needing any HVAC service, count on Crystal Air & Water to carry out your needs. We have a wide range of services and a team of trusted professionals to serve Gainesville residents. Contact us today to schedule a service or get an estimate!

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