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Ductless Mini-Splits are a more energy efficient option for your home’s heating and cooling needs. While not as popular as traditional AC units, a ductless mini-split system offers many advantages that will save you energy and money.

What is a Ductless Mini-Split System?

So just what is a ductless mini-split system? To begin, this form of air conditioning doesn’t require ductwork in your home (hence the name ductless).

The system has two parts: an outside compressor and indoor unit. An outside compressor can be affixed to your home either like a traditional AC unit, or can be attached on a roof or terrace.

The second part is a indoor unit, also known as the evaporator. These are connected by connecting lines through the wall.

There are two types of these mini-splits systems. You can have single-zone, which creates one comfort level for your entire house. Or you can have multi-zone, making different zones for different areas or rooms of your house.

Advantages of Ductless Mini-Splits

So why are homeowners making the switch? Ductless mini-splits have multiple advantages that make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient compared to traditional AC units.

One of the major benefits is reducing air leakage. According to the Department of Energy, traditional units contribute 30% of their energy consumption to air loss in their ductwork. Other advantages of a ductless mini-splits system include:

  • Less audible units
  • More control over temperatures in individual rooms
  • Increased flexibility in your home’s temperature needs
  • Easy installation
  • Better air quality with multi-stage filtration process

When to Use Them

Now that you know what they are and why they are a great option for your home, let’s look at when mini-splits are the best option.

Home with Multiple Temperature Needs

If you find your family constantly fighting over the thermostat, then a mini-split system may be the best thing to mend family arguments. With multi-zone systems, you can set different temperatures for different zones, making everyone’s room the temperature they want.

Reduce Heating/Cooling Rooms That You Don’t Use

You know that room in your house where you decided to stick all of your Christmas decorations and never return to it until October? Instead of wasting money on cooling or heating a room that you rarely use, you can turn to a ductless mini-split system to keep that room a different temperature than the areas of your home you are actually using.

Control a Difficult Room’s Temperature

ductless mini-splits

You love your kitchen, but you don’t love how hot it gets when you are cooking on the stove with the ovens going. Sound familiar? With a mini-split systems, you can turn more attention to the problem areas in your home and dedicate more (or less) air conditioning to those rooms. That gorgeous breakfast nook with the large window getting too hot in the morning? Enjoy your morning coffee without breaking into a sweat with a ductless mini-split system!

No Ductwork? No Problem!

If your home doesn’t have ductwork at all, then save yourself from the stress and install a mini-split system to avoid the long process of installing ductwork in your home.

Where to Install

With a ductless mini-splits system, you have options of where to install the indoor unit in your home. You can have the unit mounted from the ceiling, installed on a drop ceiling, hung on a wall, or you can even choose from a variety of floor standing models.

Look to the Experts when Deciding

ductless mini-splits

If you are even a little bit interested in ductless mini-splits, contact Crystal Air & Water for a consultation. We are Gainesville’s choice HVAC provider and we’re happy to answer any questions about mini-split systems. We’ll never try to sell you on installing a new system if it doesn’t fit your home’s needs. While there are many benefits to a mini-split system, we want you to be 100% comfortable with your investment.

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