Ductless Mini-Splits Air Conditioning and Heating Gainesville Florida

Crystal air & Water, Inc. Ductless mini split air conditioning and heatingDuctless Mini-Splits Air Conditioning and Heating in Gainesville Florida and Surrounding Areas.

The professionals at Crystal Air & Water, Inc. are also pleased to install ductless mini-splits for their clients throughout the Gainesville, FL land area. Mini-splits are a form of air conditioning that is becoming more and more popular. One reason for the increase in popularity is that they are an excellent home and business cooling solution for buildings that do not have ducts and cannot have them installed for whatever reason.

Because of this lack of ductwork, the one great advantage of a mini-split system is that it can be put anywhere in a room where it can be vented. This means it can be put on the wall, the ceiling, or on the floor. Mini-split units are also small and have an advantage over a typical room AC unit in that they do not have to be put in a window. Each room in a home can have its own mini-split and each of them can be operated independently. This means that rooms that are inhabited can be cooled, while rooms that are uninhabited do not have to be. This saves the home or business owner money on energy costs.

Another advantage of mini-split systems is that one condenser or compressor can operate up to four mini-split units at a time. The mini-split system involves a compressor that is placed outside the home. As with a regular air conditioner, there is also tubing, refrigerant, and a drain to vent condensation. A component called an air handler works inside the building and filters pollutants from the air. Also, each mini-split in a building can have an individual thermostat. Mini-splits also have fans, capacitors, and power cables to help them run very much like traditional air conditioners.

Though ductless mini-split systems may be a bit more expensive for homeowners to install, they are actually easier for professionals to install than a central air conditioning system. Not only can different mini-splits in a single system be zoned, but they do not have ducts that can leak energy. They are also much quieter than a window air conditioner.

On average, a customer with an Energy Star rated mini-split system can save close to 30% on his or her energy bills.

Ultimately, mini-splits are again like any other air conditioning units in that it is important for the customer to find a system that can cool down the building efficiently. A system that is too small will work too hard, while one that is too big for the space will keep cutting on and off and waste energy.

The staff at Crystal Air & Water, Inc. will always be happy to guide a customer in purchasing the right mini-split system for them. Contact us today at our Gainesville, FL office to schedule an appointment.