AC Replacement

AC Replacement

The Florida heat can get to be extreme, and having an AC unit that doesn’t work properly might make your house unbearable. Ensuring quality, on-time air conditioning replacement is a necessity in times like these, and Crystal Air & Water delivers.

Air Conditioner Replacement or Repair

Uncomfortable heat isn’t the only side effect of a broken AC unit. Over time mold, bacteria and other toxins can build up in the ducts of an old AC unit. These toxins spread through the air every time the unit turns on and can irritate allergies and, in some cases, make people and pets sick. A newer unit can be more energy efficient, reducing carbon footprint and energy cost. Due to the efficiency of newer units, replacing a unit can end up costing less than using the older one.

Contact the Professionals

If your AC unit isn’t working like it should, contact the professionals at Crystal Air & Water for a complete diagnosis and solution.